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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

The Value of Creativity: A Scoping Review

Oppert, M.L., O'Keeffe, V., Bensnes, M., Grecu, A., & Cropley, D (2023). The Value of Creativity: A Scoping Review. Journal of Creativity. 

Drivers and Patterns of Early Retirement in the Neoliberal University

Taylor, P., Gringart, E., Carnemolla, P., Webb, E., Oppert, M., & Harvey, R. (2022)  Drivers and patterns of early retirement in the neoliberal university. The Economic and Labour Relations Review.

Enhancing Employment Outcomes for Psychology Graduates: Developing a Taxonomy of Work Integrated Learning

Neall, A.M, Cooney, O., & Oppert, M.L. (2022). Enhancing employment outcomes for psychology graduates: Developing a taxonomy of work integrated learning. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning.


Mixed-Methods Study of Creative Problem Solving and Psychosocial Safety Climate: Preparing Engineers for the Future of Work

Oppert, M.L., Dollard, M.F., Murugavel, V.R., Reiter-Palmon, R., Reardon, A., Cropley, D.H., & O'Keeffe, V. (2022). Frontiers in Psychology, 6714.

Creating Safety in Care: Student Nurses' Perspectives

O'Keeffe, V., Boyd, C., Phillips, C., & Oppert, M. (2021). Creating safety in care: Student nurses' perspectives, Applied Ergonomics, 90,

The Future of the Ageing Workforce in Engineering: Relics or Resources?

Oppert, M. L., & O'Keeffe, V. (2019). The future of the ageing workforce in engineering: Relics or resources? Australian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering, 15(1), 100-111.

Knowledge, Facilitators and Barriers to the Practice of Person-Centred Care​ in Aged Care Workers: A Qualitative Study

Oppert, M. L., O'Keeffe, V. J., & Duong, D. (2018). Knowledge, facilitators and barriers to the practice of person-centred care in aged care workers: A qualitative study. Geriatric Nursing, 39(6), 683-688.

Edited & Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Working in Multidisciplinary and Methodologically Diverse Teams: Practical Lessons from Collaborating with Defence-Based Organisations

Oppert, M. L., O'Keeffe, V., Banks, S., & Mathews, R. (in press for October 2023). Working in multidisciplinary and methodologically diverse teams: Practical lessons from collaborating with defence-based organisations In R. Cameron & X Golenko (Eds), Handbook of Mixed Methods Research in Business and Management

Readiness for Digital Innovation and Industry 4.0 Transformation

Xing, K., Cropley, D. H., Oppert, M. L., & Singh, C. (2021). Readiness for digital innovation and Industry 4.0 transformation.  In. Kosaka M., Wu J., Xing K., Zhang S. (Eds), Business Innovation with New ICT in the Asia-Pacific: Case Studies (155-176). Springer Publishing. 

Commoditizing Creativity

Cropley, D. H., & Oppert, M. L. (2020). Commoditizing Creativity. In M. A. Runco & S. R. Pritzker (Eds), Encyclopedia of Creativity 3rd Edition (pp.167-171). Academic Press.

Airlock Digital: Australian Information Security Systems Startup to Scaleup - Where Trust is a Must

Oppert, M. L., & Haines, T. D. (2020). Airlock Digital: Australian information security systems Startup to Scaleup - Where trust is a must. In J. Wang, M. Kosaka, K. Xing, & H. Bai (Eds), Entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific: Case Studies (pp. 153-170). Springer Publishing.

The Fuzzy Front-End? How Creativity Drive Organizational Innovation

Cropley, D. H., & Oppert, M. L. (2018). The fuzzy front-end? How creativity drives organizational innovation. In R. Reiter-Palmon, V. L. Kennel, & J. C. Kaufman (Eds), Individual Creativity in the Workplace (pp. 35-51). Elsevier Science & Technology.

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