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Dr. Michelle L. Oppert


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Academic - Researcher - Advocate

Who am I?

I'm a collaborative academic researcher who loves working with action-oriented teams to find answers to real-world problems.

In other words, I am a hybrid! I am both an academic researcher and an industry communicator:

meaning that I advocate for positive change in workplaces and society through applied research.

Since 2016 I have worked collaboratively with individuals and teams to find answers to real-world problems that need solving, typically through evidence-based research to provide evidence-based solutions.

What is the purpose of this website?

In academia, we have so many different web platforms, metrics, links, and it can get confusing

for those who wish to know what I am about. This website provides the key information, with links to

all those platforms in the final tab Contact Details.

Why would you want to read my work?

While I do adhere to academic and scientific standards of research and reporting, I do endeavour to present research that is useful to everyone, including academics, practitioners, students, and the generally curious. If you would like PDFs of my work, please contact me.



What is my area of expertise?

This website gives a brief overview of my interests, which are broad.

However, I am specifically interested in organisational and occupational psychology, including factors pertaining to age, creativity, human factors, and psychosocial safety.

I use several methods – often blended - to understand phenomena or findsolutions to problems. 


Future opportunities?

I am eager to continuing researching real-world problems to learn more about how these problems manifest, and how we can find practical solutions to them.

I am open to both local and international collaborations, so please feel free to get in touch

through the Contact Page.

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